Big Data for the Built Environment,
made simple.


Big Data for the Built Environment,
made simple.

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Aggregate, normalize, and analyze data from any source in the Built Environment.


Leverage advanced search capabilities to quickly access and interact with real-time data in an intuitive, hyper-linked 3D environment anyone can easily use.


Derive new insights from existing investments in expert tools to drive operational change and better predict future trends.

5D Smart World


5D Smart World is a web-based SaaS platform, combining an intuitive, 3D geospatial UI powered by a high-performance gaming engine with advanced search and analytics capabilities making it easy for building professionals to navigate their way to any piece of information across their entire portfolio of buildings and projects.

5D Smart Portfolio


5D Smart Portfolio is an online repository of all project and operational data extensible across an entire portfolio of buildings at any scale, anywhere in the world. Architects, engineers, and planners interface with and mock up 3D models on the fly in a dynamic 5D environment rich with contextual data, and share results with clients to gather real-time feedback.

5D Smart Campus


5D Smart Campus aggregates all building and IoT data from campuses and property portfolios into a single, easy-to-use 3D interface, leveraging CRE owners’ existing investments in BIM models, GIS tools, and Open Data to improve operations and asset value over the lifecycle of their buildings.

BETA Program Participants

Our BETA User Program comprises more than 1,000 users from an initial core group of companies including many of the leading AEC and Real Estate organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Cityzenith is honored to welcome the newest arrivals to our program.

Be one of our first 1,000 users and join the 5D Smart World Beta program!

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Why 5D Smart World?

Visualizing Big Data in 5D: Unleash the Power Hidden Within Your Data

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Cityzenith wins Digie at Realcomm 2016

We are thrilled to announce that Cityzenith won the prestigious Digie Award for "Best Technology Innovation in Commercial/Corporate Real Estate of 2016" at Realcomm in San Jose this past Wednesday, June 22nd. Previous winners include: Keyhole (Google Earth), the iPad, Tridium, (Google) Android, and Yardi, and many other industry-leading disruptive technologies.

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Our platform is free to all cities, everywhere.
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  • Cities, in part, can be characterized by the events that occur each day, from responding to constituent needs to the drinking water that flows underneath your feet. All of it needs to be understood by hundreds of city employees. Cityzenith is able to bring this information together to be seen by employees. Not just data analysts, but the business experts as part of their duties.

    Tom Schenk Chief Data Officer, City of Chicago
  • In Amsterdam we have been working very intensively on Open Data for the last few years.  Now it is time for the next step, a step that we want to take with a couple of the leading cities in the world and our ambition is to help set a standard for smart city collaboration.  The aspiration is to enable citizens, entrepreneurs and visitors to make use of data which Amsterdam and our partners generate and maintain, because knowledge sharing and an open approach to public services is at the very core of the Amsterdam Economic Board and our Smart City program. With Cityzenith as our technology partner we are confident we can achieve our goals and enable collaboration with San Francisco and Barcelona.

    Ger Baron Chief Technology Officer, the City of Amsterdam
  • Cityzenith’s unique 5D platform will form an important component of our Situation Room solution, and will make sharing information and experience within and between cities easier and more effective. We look forward to collaborating with San Francisco and Amsterdam, two of the most progressive global cities, to make this ambitious dream a reality and welcome cities from around the world to join our mission.

    Manel Sanroma Chief Information Officer, Barcelona City Council
  • Data has power to inform, to motivate and to accelerate the realization of San Francisco's goals for greenhouse gas emission reduction from the built environment. Data is also essential to catalyzing development of neighborhood scale greening through Ecodistricts, where the public and private sectors set and meet common goals. Engaging with our counterparts in cities around the world – through the Cityzenith platform and development of mobile applications – is an opportunity to pool resources and best practices, as we harness data in service to sustainability and accessibility to the public.

    Melanie Nutter Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment





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